Creating an urban golf ecosystem
Expanding the geography of golf in Russia
Opening inter-university student golf centers
Holding an annual scientific and practical conference
Refresher courses for coaching staff
On-line courses "Organizational and methodological support of physical and recreational cultures, sports and mass training in higher education institutions "
Organization of regional student competitions

Results of the MassGolf project to date

  • Regional student competitions

    6 regional student tours have been organized and are holding tournaments all around the year:
    • Baikal Student Tour
    • Yenisei Student Tour
    • Ural Student Tour
    • Moscow Student Tour
    • Kazan Student Tour
    • Baltic Student Tour
    The total number of participants across all tours is more than 1200 students.
  • Refresher courses and scientific and practical conferences

    In September 2022, in cooperation with the Siberian Federal University, a scientific and practical conference was held, at which a number of scientific papers related to golf were presented.
    In November 2021 and 2022, on the basis of INO SFU, in cooperation with the Krasnoyarsk Golf Federation, advanced training courses for coaching staff were held, which were completed by over 30 coaches.
  • Inter-university golf centers

    In November 2022, the inter-university golf center "Kafedra golfa" was opened in Krasnoyarsk, which includes a driving range, a co-working area, and 5 Golfzon simulators.
    There is also an interuniversity golf section in St. Petersburg, based in the Krestovsky golf center.